Planning to shift to a new rented house in Bangalore? What needs to be taken care?

Precautions while going for rental accommodation?

Shifting a house is always a burden when our belongings are less or heavy. In cities like Bangalore shifting is not a tough job when you are a bachelor. But when you are married and planning to move, better to call a packers and movers when you don't have much friends to help out.

Renting system in Bengaluru According to the current system, a single room average rent is around 5 thousand in Bangalore and advance of (5kx 10 months)= 50,000 needs to be payed to owner before you occupy the house. Owner will be returning the amount back to the tenant when he vacates. He charges 1 month rent (5 thousand) for painting at the time of shifting.

Relocation in Bangalore Let us consider you are moving to a new house in Bangalore. What are the things to be taken care when you search for a house?

1) Safety is always the major thing: As we know, now a days people work in shifts or may be they have to travel in late nights to home, the location is a major item to be taken care. There are so many incidents of pick pockets and robberies around ring roads. So careful about the locality.

2) Water Facility: We all are very hygienic and water is one of the important item in our life. In Bangalore the best water available is Kaveri water distributed by Government. So ensure the new house having a Kaveri Connection. Also note, the bore well water causes hair fall.

3)Parking Safety: Now a days every one got their own vehicles. May be two or four wheeler. So ensure the new house having proper defined parking area. Confirm it with owner. Parking on road side may cause many issues because the parking rules gets changed.

4) Washing cloths and utensils: We feel it as a small item. But think your cloth wash area is on terrace and a bachelor room around with many guys living there, your wife may not be comfortable washing the cloths alone there.

5) Reachability through post: In hurry we may end up in finding some gully homes. But the people are so mobile now a days. There are lots of mails/ couriers, credit cards/reports which arrives in your address. If the address is not easily searchable, you may end up in losing important letters.

6)Furniture and cupboards: Yeah ! Very important. With out ready made cupboards , you may have to spend a lot for furniture. So always go for a semi furnished room/home.

7) Check there is enough ventilation, water heater facilities, geyser, and less noise pollution from road/ outside. Consider a better sound proofed area/ house.

The above things are applicable to house shifts anywhere in India too, except they have to take care of the local water supply system.